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WHAT IS A GREAT ENTERPRISE?                                      

We believe that a GREAT ENTERPRISE is a place where people want to come to work everyday and use their talents and gifts to the fullest.

If you're in a GREAT ENTERPRISE, here is ...

what your leaders say:

"Everything we do is driven toward increasing our competitiveness and productivity. To increase productivity you start by first understanding the human heart. Only by understanding the human heart will you know how to stir the passion that fuels productivity. Taking care of the needs of our people is the essential ingredient in fostering productivity."

"This company's success or failure is really no more than a measure of its ability to do two things: our ability to find people committed to making a difference and to solving problems and our ability to create an environment where those people can work and more importantly, succeed."

what your people say:

" I'm not sure if anyone has written about the enormous payback a leader receives when he or she takes a chance and truly trusts someone; but I'm sure it would sell...Basically, it puts you in a position where you simply refuse to let the leader down. The trust is empowering and at the same time an extremely strong and constant motivator."

"We continue to attract and retain outstanding talent...the culture created by our founders is the thing that makes us unique. The element of trust is a powerful force--it empowers us and fosters innovation and creativity. Without a doubt, the first-class treatment of the employees is the most attractive thing about our company."

what your customers say:

"The company is head and shoulders above its competition. Two things separate it from all others: its ability to affect positive change in a professional manner and its commitment to the customer. Most companies only pay lip service to this concept. Support from the company is addictive. Once you get hooked, you constantly want more."

"Over the years I have worked with many contractors, but few have contributed so much every day to the success of our work."

If you are a GREAT ENTERPRISE here is...

what your leaders do

  • Leaders listen for what wants to happen, in the marketplace and in the organization

  • Leaders then create and tell the story of the GREAT ENTERPRISE everyone is building together

  • Leaders have a continuous dialogue among themselves and with the organization about building a GREAT ENTERPRISE.

  • Leaders embody the principles and values of your GREAT ENTERPRISE

  • Leaders know how to laugh at themselves

  • Leaders give credit for accomplishment to others and take responsibility for failures themselves.

what your people do

  • People tell the story of their GREAT ENTERPRISE to everyone - customers, suppliers and community stakeholders - and clearly believe in that story

  • People come to work happy because they feel what they're doing has meaning and value

  • People treat one another with respect, share credit, frequently express appreciation and face conflicts calmly, quickly and directly

  • People consistently out-produce their peers in the industry

  • People know their business, inside and out

  • People trust one another -- and their managers and senior leaders

what your customers do

  • Customers actively partner with you in exploring new opportunities

  • Customers seek your advice before making decisions related to your services

  • Customers happily recommend you to their colleagues

  • Customers engage with you in a continuous dialogue about the future

what your Board and shareholders do

  • The Board and shareholders support long-term thinking and planning

  • The Board and shareholders set the tone for accountability throughout the organization

  • The Board and shareholders support ethical, values-driven decision-making

  • The Board and shareholders understand that the bottom line is one among several indicators of organizational health - not the organization's only reason for being.

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