GECGreat Enterprises Consortium


To create and sustain a GREAT ENTERPRISE, we provide two sets of critical capabilities:

First, we help you develop a strategy and implementation plan for building and sustaining a Great Enterprise:

  • Assess the maturity of an organization in developing a great enterprise culture and work environment

  • Engage the senior leadership in making a commitment to building a great enterprise

  • Define the enduring culture underlying a great enterprise

  • Develop a strategy and action plans to become a great enterprise

  • Identify the high-leverage systems necessary to sustain the great enterprise

  • Develop leaders who see themselves as stewards of the great enterprise

Group Retreat Session

Second, we identify and facilitate the design and implementation of integrated workplace systems that we know from experience provide very high leverage in becoming a great enterprise:

  • Recruit the Right People

  • Integrate New Employees into the Organization

  • Develop Workplace Flexibility and Diversity

  • Actively Lead and Manage Change

  • Foster Continuous Learning and Adaptability

  • Develop and Coach Leaders

  • Enable Meaningful Two-way Communications

  • Resolve Conflicts Constructively

  • Show Appreciation & Provide Meaningful Rewards

  • Create a Fun Environment

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